Published: 15th May 2008
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A very common medicinal herb, but so little known for its therapeutic uses, shepherd's purse is used for treating muscle afflictions as well as adjusting blood circulation.

Shepherd's purse is a perennial herb which bears likenesses with the knapsacks worn by shepherds, hence its popular and scientific name.

This herb is rich in substances like thiamine, histamine, histidine, flavonoids, phenolic compounds and organic acids and has hemostatic and vasoconstrictor-like properties, which allows it to be used to treat all types of bleedings: nosebleeds, stomach bleeds, menorrhagia.

In affections such as atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, it is recommended to drink tea from shepherd's purse because it can adjust blood pressure. For hypertensive women or those suffering from obesity, prolonged treatments with tea or tincture prevents nasal hemorrhoids and abundant menstrual cycles as well as anemia caused by bleedings.

Diets based on shepherd's purse last around 15 consecutive days after which 15 days of break are taken. Women will begin the treatment 10 days before their menstrual cycle.

Infusion of shepherd's purse is prepared from finely cut herb added to 250ml water. Up to 3-4 cups of this tea are to be consumed daily. Tincture from shepherd's purse is prepared only from the herb freshly cut dissolved in alcohol heated to 60 degrees. It is left to macerate for 10 days after which 3 spoonfuls of infusion, water with lemon drops and honey are administrated.

Shepherd's purse is not a toxic herb. However it is recommended that the treatments based on this herb be avoided in cases of cortisone treatments, birth control pill - treatments, insomnias, psychic or neurological diseases showing hyperactivity, pregnancies, depressive states, hyperthyroid, epilepsy, Parkinson disease, paralysis, leukemia, allergies. Also, it is better if these treatments are not administrated to children.

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